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What's My Who?

What was I born to do?

Who was I born to be?

Have these questions crossed your mind recently? With all the career, financial, family, school and friend upheaval going on, sometimes you get to the point of wondering, "What am I doing? This is so meaningless. Why is this so hard? This isn't making any difference."

Answering those questions is what we call rediscovering your Who: Who was I born to be and What was I born to do? What can I do that will make the biggest impact and bring the greatest fulfillment and joy to me and my loved ones?


Join author Mark L Dayton presenting key insights from his exciting new book:


20 Minute Online Webinette

Date: Thursday February 25th

Time: 7:00pm Mountain Time

Zoom Link: CLICK TO REGISTER and join.

Zoom meeting number 890 7043 9770


We each started life with a clear sense of self - who we are and where we fit. But over time, we lose sight of that and and may end up on roads that don't align with our core true Who.

Rediscovering, accepting and stepping into our true Who is one of the most exciting journeys in life. For many people it’s like taking off the blindfold or coming out of a fog into the sunshine. Life has deeper meaning and purpose. Our daily work, regardless of how menial, is more purposeful and fulfilling. We are able to set clear goals and directions for life that take us to places and relationships we may not have imagined, but that feel natural and right - like coming home.

We say rediscovering because it’s not finding, discovering for the first time or creating.

It’s rediscovering what’s already there, what’s always been there, waiting to blossom and bless your corner of the world with your unique brand of Who.

Your true Who is waiting. I invite you to join the journey of rediscovery. It will make all the difference.

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