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Mark L. Dayton

Mark Dayton is a business executive, author, mentor, and entrepreneur. He combines a passion for understanding the keys to human healing and greatness with a knack for clear, engaging communication to provide narrative and mentoring that helps countless individuals move forward in life.

His career includes executive positions with companies from Fortune 100, Madison Avenue,  and president of three startups and spans multiple industries across the globe including Co-founder of The Forum for Personalized Healthcare.


And a certified Elite Mentor with more than 700 hours of training and mentoring. He is the co-founder of the suicide prevention organization, Save SomeBuddy and acts as a consultant to other well known suicide prevention organizations.

Author of four books and numerous articles, publications, and guides.


 Mark and his wife reside in Salt Lake City where he enjoys BBQs with family and friends as well as frequent mountain retreats for biking, skiing and writing. But best of all he loves playing koo koo ball with his grandkids. 

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Inspiration for The Five Keys to Unlocking The Gift in the Wound is drawn from my multi-year journey of near-suicidal depression to opening the possibility of personal greatness, meaning and joy. I thought I could do it on my own, but am now a firm believer in the power of choice and the importance of great mentors along path to healing.

Other Books by Mark L. Dayton

       Based on Harvard-pioneered research, this book helps           companies and individuals successfully navigate the              transition from individual contributor to manager. 

  • Militant Healing 

        Co-authored with C. Bradford Chappell PhD​

​       To heal and return to wholeness, we must each take a            strong personal interest - a militant interest - in our                healing process and journey. 

  • Freidrich's Christmas Concert

      Based on a true story of post World War II Germany.

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