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"Everyone has a wound. Every wound has a gift.

The deeper the wound, the greater the gift."

My world was spiraling out of control...

I hit rock bottom the day I found myself at an intersection waiting for a bus. Rather than board, I intended to step in front of it and end all the stress and misery in my life. “Everybody will be better off,” I told myself. Only a faint glimmer of hope kept me on the curb that day.


Then I met Brad. Psychologist-turned life coach, his  patient mentoring guided me in unlocking one of life’s greatest paradoxical truths:

The Gift in the Wound.


My world changed forever.

Change Your World Forever

Discover the 5 Keys

  • Choose

  • Victory Over Victim

  • The Pain Portal

  • I Love Me

  • Effortless Healing

What would you like to do?

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Be Your Finest Self

You hold the keys.


Discover how to unlock your greatest gifts... 

....hidden in your deepest wounds.

"Nah, I'm Good. I'm just fine being mediocre."

I've never met anyone who sincerely believes this. No one. As human beings we all yearn for excellence.

"I'm Stuck. Hit a Wall. Never Good Enough. Stupid. Hopeless. Dreams Slipping Away..."

I've heard plenty of people say these things. Maybe you're one of them. I was. Stuck in the story with little hope of getting out.

Here's the great news: 

The key to UNSTUCKNESS is ironically locked INSIDE your own stuckness, pain and frustration. Crazy, but true. Right in front of you. 

It's so counter-intuitive, we rarely look for it and discover it.

5 Keys to Unlocking th eGift in the Wound will guide you in finding

Your own Keys

To unlock your own Gifts

To become your Finest Self.

It's a journey worth taking. 

Why not start now?


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 12.13.12

What They're Saying

Jed Cook

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

“Understanding the victim cycle – 'Ouch…grrrr…bla-bla-bla' – totally transformed my world. These timeless keys are presented in a clear, relatable way that accelerates progress and change.”

Max Joda

Digital Marketing Executive

"Mark has a knack for taking deep insights and presenting them in a simple, engaging way. These powerful ideas will change your life."

Claudia Goodman

Complimentary Health Expert

"What a title!  From Mark I have learned to see life’s experiences through eyes of hope.  No matter how hard things get, precious gifts emerge from our struggles that transcend all the pain."

This is your moment!

Get started today! Unlock your greatest gifts and make them a powerful part of transforming your life. 

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Make It Real

You hold the keys.

Get the Right Tools

Discovering and unlocking your greatest gifts is a crucial first step on the road to your finest self.

To make that discovery a permanent, powerful part of your life you need the right tools to get past the wall, out of stuck and stupid, and on a trajectory to your finest life.

Unlock the Code

The Five Keys Code Books give you creative, engaging tools and step-by-step processes that guide you in creating your new gift-based story instead of the old one that's not working so well.  



2016-02-04 21.56.18.jpeg
Five Keys Code Book - The Gift in the Wound

five keys



You Hold the Keys.

Letting go of your stuckness and moving into your finest self was never more simple.

Keys&Gifts logo.jpg

  Key 1: Choose  

These 5 code books will help you unlock the code to making your discovered gifts a powerful part of your life.

Speical Introductory Value:
Separately                  $24.95 ea.
Full set of 5                 $97.95        Save 20%!
Your purchase grants lifetime access to these five valuable learning tools.
  • Plus membership in a private collaboration group
  • Plus direct access to Mark and other 5 Keys Mentors
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The fastest way to accelerate your progress is to

See it, Say it, Be it and Do it.


The SeeSayBeDo app puts your code book tools and personal plan in you pocket!

With personalized graphics, interactive content and fun reminders, this app takes your progress toward your finest self to the next level.


Now is the Time!

You've been stuck long enough! 

Get the book, the code books, and the app and receive a free mentoring session with Mark L. Dayton. 

Accelerate to your finest self today! 


Choose all Three for 

 a 30 minute Mentor Session,

a 100 value!

Let's work together with  proven,  powerful keys to open your portals of greatness .

Let's Get Started!
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Unlock your





2016-02-04 21.56.18.jpeg

You hold the keys.

Accelerate Your Progress

"You are what you...practice"

Discovering and unlocking your greatest gifts is an indescribable, exhilarating experience. Something that many people on this planet never know.


Making that discovery a permanent, powerful part of your life isn't magic, it takes, well...practice. Practicing the new, true you story instead of the old one that hasn't worked so well. 

A great coach, accountability, and the synergy of a smart, committed group of fellow travelers is a potent combination. 

Let's Get Started!
Group Mentoring                 12-15 members
Small Group Mentoring       4-6 members
Individual Mentoring            One-on-one

"Unlock your greatest gifts.

Become your finest self."


Professionally, I'm a business executive, author, mentor, speaker and entrepreneur. Personally, I'm a husband, dad, and friend who's all heart and a human being just trying to make my way through life like everyone else on the planet.


I'm passionate about showing up for my better purpose, keeping God in my path, discovering secrets and shortcuts to healing the stuck places that stop me, and making life a little better on my small patch of turf. 

I've been fortunate to learn from great coaches who uncovered inner wounds along the way. I believe  

you can unlock your personal greatness. It's never too late to move out of the dark places and be freed to live "all in" every day in the sunshine. 



Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 6.56.57 PM.png

five keysCODE


You Hold the Keys.

Letting go of your stuck and moving into your greatness was never more simple.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 7.07.55 PM.png

Unlock your





Be your Finest
Let Go of Stuck
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