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Change Your Journey, Change Your World

Now, you hold the keys.


Discover five keys that unlock life's greatest gifts - hidden in our deepest wounds.

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C. Bradford Chappell, PhD

What They're Saying

Jed Cook

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

“Understanding the victim cycle – 'Ouch…grrrr…bla-bla-bla' – totally transformed my world. These timeless keys are presented in a clear, relatable way that accelerates progress and change.”

Max Joda

Digital Marketing Executive

"Mark has a knack for taking deep insights and presenting them in a simple, engaging way. These powerful ideas will change your life."

Claudia Goodman

Complimentary Health Expert

"What a title!  From Mark I have learned to see life’s experiences through eyes of hope.  No matter how hard things get, precious gifts emerge from our struggles that transcend all the pain."

Lean More

5 Keys to Finding Your Gifts

1. Choose

Because you can. No justification required.

2. Victory over Victim

Victimization is life. Victim is a choice.

3. The Pain Portal 

Pain embraced turns the lock to the gift in the wound.

4. I Love Me

Forgiveness & gratitude include you. Especially you.

5. Effortless Acceptance

Obtaining by surrender.

Download a free excerpt!

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This 23 page download features samples of key concepts from the book:

  • Reason to Hope

  • Perfectly Flawed

  • Stuck in the Story

  • Healing Pain with Pain

  • The Gift IS in the Wound

  • And more...

Plus special limited-time offers and opportunites!

My world was spiraling out of control...

 I hit rock bottom the day I found myself at an intersection waiting for a bus. Rather than board, I intended to step in front of it and end all the stress and misery in my life. “Everybody will be better off,” I told myself. Only a faint glimmer of hope kept me on the curb that day.


Then I met Brad. Psychologist-turned life coach, his  patient mentoring guided me in unlocking one of life’s greatest paradoxical truths: The Gift in the Wound.


My world changed forever.



Professionally, I'm an author, mentor, business executive and entrepreneur. But at heart, I'm a human being making my way through the healing journey like everyone else on the planet. I'm passionate about better understanding that journey's purpose, and discovering secrets and shortcuts that make it rich and meaningful. 

I've been fortunate to learn from great coaches and mentors, and some very deep wounds along the way. My goal is to utilize my gifts for clear, engaging narrative, speaking and intuitive mentoring to provide the means for many individuals to be blessed as I have in moving forward along the journey to wholeness.


Inspiration for this book is drawn from my multi-year journey from deep depression and near-suicide to wholeness and joy, and highlights my firm belief in the power of the mentor-mentee relationship at all levels.


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The Gift in the Wound

Our Greatest Gifts, Hiding in Plain Sight

While finding gifts in wounds sounds straightforward, our greatest gifts of wisdom, insight, confidence, courage, compassion – to name just a few – are not merely hiding in our deepest wounds. They are locked up in plain sight. And we refuse to use the key. In fact, we believe it to be the enemy.


Come share the journey of discovering five keys to unlock your most valuable personal gifts. The process is initially painful and highly counter-intuitive – which is why so few people discover it. But those willing to fully engage build lives of wholeness, success and joy.

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