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Theme Song "Remember"

09 RememberGoodman Family
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(written by Kenneth Cope)

Who will raise their voice for the family? Who’ll defend the rights of our liberty? Come preserve your own
In the strength of God and home

All who will rejoice in this privilege
Let them now maintain freedom’s heritage Come with fervent zeal
Join us on the battlefield

Remember our homes
The safeguard of peace
Remember the children who look to you To keep tomorrow free
Remember God
Remember His love
He calls to us

Fathers, join together in your brotherhood Mothers, stand united in your sisterhood Rally ’round the cause
Come before the battle’s lost


Now the nations stray forgetful Heedless to the past
If we fail to plant the standard How can the family last? Who’ll receive this charge? Come and show a valiant heart


He calls to us
He cries to us
He pleads with us Remember Remember Remember

© 1996 Merge Right Music (BMI)

A Victory for Traditional Families

 Then an unprecedented opportunity surfaced for the Goodman family – an invitation to sing before the high plenary session of the UN, the session world leaders would attend.  It had never been done before! Obstacles mounted, along with top level opposition.  For a while it seemed impossible.  Then at the last moment the way opened.  


There they were, standing before the world leaders and UN delegates.  And what did they sing?  Their song entitled Remember, its message penetrating all who listened.


Their music resounded through the hall and melted hearts.  Even those who most bitterly opposed joined in the standing ovation. 


In 1996 world leaders assembled in Istanbul for Habitat II. A major goal of progressive leaders was to change the definition of the family away from the traditional family - and it appeard they had the votes to do it.



At that conference, which was supposed to mandate same-sex marriage and abortion on demand for the entire world, during the final meeting that lasted all night, the agenda was overturned in a sweeping victory for traditional families! 


Why?  Because delegates finally realized that they needed to ignite their courage and make their voices and true feelings heard!  To their amazement they discovered they were actually in the majority!

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