A new book by Mark L Dayton

Find out why so many people were confused about finding their WHY, and how rediscovering your WHO is the game-changer!

New book by Mark L Dayton

Find Your Who, Change Your Life

Rediscover your deepest purpose and meaning
Wake up energized & excited to pursue who you were meant to be and what you were meant to do.
Get past blocks and excuses & start living the life your were born to live!
"This Changed
My Life"
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Rediscover who you were born to be

and what you were born to do

You can so do this! It's in you. It's who you really are. With focus & guidance it will resonate and change your life.

Here's What You Get

Engaging, insightful introduction to your Who and how to rediscover it within yourself
Helpful diagrams
Immersive guided visualization - journey into your Who
Personal workbook section
Real examples of real people's success
Life changing insights and path to permanent change
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Discover Identity

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In “What’s My Who?”, Mark Dayton provides a simple, straightforward, and powerful method for answering these universal questions, and offers a method that will link your answer to your outcomes. As a movement dedicated to answering the question of identity we are grateful for his important and inspiring contribution to the discussion.

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Maikel Bailey

Executive Coach

In his latest book, What’s My Who?, Mark tackles the challenge of connecting our “Why” to our “Who” in a charming and inspirational way. We all know about What’s Your Why. But without knowing our “Who,” there is no “Why.”

Jeffery Farrer, PhD

Author of Design Your Life in Beautiful Ways

Anyone thinking of starting the journey of discovering and connecting with their True Self, would do well to read this book. Mark’s pragmatic approach really gets to the core of self discovery, and his easy, flowing style of writing makes this book a great tool to assist the reader in finding their purpose.

Chef Brad Peterson 

TV/Online Chef, Life Coach

Answers to questions I have been considering for a long time came sweetly as I read the pages of this amazing book and absolutely needed tool for my life.  I hope others find what I am finding, and in the process discover their “Who”.  I see mine more clearly now.  Thank you Mark.


What You'll Discover


Clarity & Deep Understanding

of Who you were born to be 


Purpose & Commitment

to create and achieve new goals and directions for your life


Direction & Excitement

around what you were born to do on this planet & how to do it




greater clarity of purpose reduces anxiousness, disappointment and stress




in all areas of life, bringing harmony, peace & confidence


Energy &


to pursue your deepest life dreams

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