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5 keys to unlocking


Gift in the Wound

TGITW Cover Final.png
My world was spiraling out of control...

I hit rock bottom the day I found myself at an intersection waiting for a bus. Rather than board, I intended to step in front of it and end all the stress and misery in my life. “Everybody will be better off,” I told myself. Only a faint glimmer of hope kept me on the curb that day.

Then I met Brad. Psychologist-turned life coach, his  patient mentoring guided me in unlocking one of life’s greatest paradoxical truths: The Gift in the Wound.


My world changed forever.

This 23-page download features samples of key concepts from the book:


  • Reason to Hope

  • Perfectly Flawed

  • Stuck in the Story

  • Healing Pain with Pain

  • The Gift is in the Wound

Plus special limited-time offers and opportunites!

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